being human is hard

Being human Is hard

Ok, I know being human is hard but I’m trying here to be myself and strong there times I can’t be strong all the time it’s because sometimes you just end up weak and sometimes you just gonna end up that you’re always wrong, well… for me, once you’re  human life could be pretty much hard as it seems

And you need to understand everything that’s gonna happen In your life like for example you have to earn money on your own which is really hard, by the way, one more thing I know making is hard but… everything is work but… I’m not gonna complain about this because there’s nothing I can’t do that’s how life work you can’t change things just to make yourself perfect all the time because it’s not going to work you just need to figure out what life is I mean it’s up to you to figure things and you never know your already successful in life like making money of  your own and chasing your dreams I mean you can do anything but… you have to make sure just do what makes you happy even though you make mistakes and knowing that life is hard like everything around you is messed up but… it’s not, everything is not messed up for you because I know that one day you can be like living a dreaming and you don’t know what’s gonna happen it’s because we don’t know it yet?? well… let’s figure that out to ourself or something

this is leane

Hi, it’s me Leane I don’t know how to say this but… I’m going to say it I had a friend back home I couldn’t even tell her how to move on with her love life with her ex-boyfriend that she’s been fooling with after all these years, and I don’t know anything about their relationship at all, all I know is they broke up and the girl can’t even move on and I don’t know what to say to her I mean all I just said is… move on and start a new life try some other things that you never done in your life like learn how to drive or something and learn something that you never did before in your life, you can’t  just sit in your bed watching some love stories and read some novels by Nicholas Sparks and end up crying in your room in the middle of night without writing a diary, I mean without a journal in your life you will never ever gonna write something you really feel about the life gets you and making your life a right decision or something,

Well… I’m so happy for being single I mean come on being single is like a piece of candy bar who’s not feeling alone or something she can do whatever she feels like and she can watch anything on Netflix and chill, I don’t understand about boyfriends and girlfriends do I mean you to feed them and clean them and you will spend money on them  because you’re in the relationship with them LOL and enough with this crazy talk about love I’ve never done anything like this and I like for being single that’s who I am

Hey, guys, I’m Leane by the way and I’m chubby and cute and I’m in my adulthood so this is my life now, being adult is really hard sometimes and their times I act like a 16-year-old well… this is who I am I’m just a girl that’s in love with the fried chicken and I don’t complain about food I just eat when I’m enjoying it, so yup I bet that’s it.

One more thing I can’t believe I’m here right now in America I have a job and the problem is I don’t have taxes yet, but… maybe someday I will so maybe it will take the time or something like at of time I need, I almost forgot since I was watching this Gilmore girls tv series  since the year of 2000 I start reading books because of Rory Gilmore she was nice and polite, she doesn’t seem like every other girl I mean she loves reading books and she likes black coffee in the diner well… I was acting like she’s my role model and I’ve been polite to people and even I’ve been saying please a lot oh man this Is awesome

And I have a problem buying books I just went to the target and buy some books that interest me. That’s my problem since I started watching Gilmore girls, and I was acting like I’m from stars hollow, but… no worries I’m still Leane and this is me I feel like I’m a zombie like eating some Rory’s brains, like starting to act like her and drink coffee like her read books like her, that’s really weird,

I know everything,

I realize something, life is too short right ? And life is really hard but… I need to figure out what life is I mean life It wasn’t hard if you don’t handle them pretty well… because if you don’t everything will be complicated and gets worst. Well… let me tell you guys about life, life is not easy and I just have to say when you born in this world you gonna realize what life is and first you will enjoy being a baby because everybody will be excited to have a baby like you and they will teach you how to say mommy and daddy or something, and they will play with you and let you feed baby food crap ahahahah like hell, and your just gonna start crying with no reason, and your mommy is just gonna grab you and sing you a song to make you fall asleep just in case you are safe that no one will ever hurt you, 

One more thing they gonna teach you how to walk and buy you some toys everything, 

Second kid, your gonna enjoy being a kid as you want and you will have some new friends and enemies, you will have your first music and first Tv shows and video games everything, 

When I was 17

Hi guys it’s me leane and I’m not really updated to my blog for the past 5 days now because I’m so busy, and I’m here in Starbucks and I wanna tell you guys about when I was 17 years old I’m really weird and single well… I’m still single by the way don’t give me wrong I like for being single I’m really tired right it’s because I’ve been working for the past 5 days now and it’s really killing me, I hate  my fucking partner she so stupid to be around and she is so slow, 

I couldn’t take her anymore she’s pain in my butt, I just don’t want her and I’m so sorry about what I said right now it’s really rude for me to say that and even I didn’t mean that. And if you guys have a partner on your work don’t be mad at her or don’t judge and just give her some time to learn everything I mean come on she’s new and just teach her everything you guys know and she will learn anyway if you don’t help or just don’t give up on working, wait… what I am saying here I should be talking about my 17 days like you know when I was 17, ahahahah omg I said to much about my partner, 

Well… when I was 17 I’m pretty weird and I’m in high school back then I remember when I was in high school is hang out with. My friends and I remember I had a huge crush and everything and I think that’s it 

I hate my fucking partner in crime 

Ok how do I say this again?? Oh right the thing I can’t even type right now because the doll basketball is on my head and I’m hiding to my bed sheet ahahahah well… long story my partner is so stupid and slow too I don’t want to judge her or anything because she’s old now, 

I mean if u guys have a partner like that u guys have too relax and there’s no reason for you guys to mad at them because there just only a person and there not perfect, especially all of us were born for not being so perfect because this is our world now and this is how god made us and we can’t please everybody anyway 😦 never mind I’m done typing here folks because i don’t want to hate people anymore it’s driving me insane and it was a waste of time,

Today it’s my birthday 

Hi guys it’s me leane and today it’s my birthday I’m 22 right now oh man! I don’t know we’re to start, time files since I turn 13 and up to 19, I mean come on I miss being a teenager and being a kid, I just didn’t understand life could be more complicated it’s because you don’t know what’s gonna happen with your life I mean you just gonna find out what’s gonna happen tomorrow or something, I wAnna skip that part and I wanna focus about my birthday today, 

Well… yesterday I just got here in LA I mean me and my mom it was only a 1 hour flight and everything, before me and my mom went to LA me and my mom woke up at 4am in the morning just to catch the Bart station well… we walk like 15 minutes to get there, and when we got there we bought cards just to ride on the train well… I can’t even explain everything about in the Bart but… all I know is my mom is teaching how to ride a Bart and she was explaining it to me, and some guys ask us for money and I gave him 2 dollars and that’s it, I didn’t understand why people ask money sometimes do they have a job like for real?? Or do they get paid by the government or something if they are I wanna find out that to myself because its really Impossible if there pretending or just acting around, I’m so sorry about this one but… I wanna skip this part because I just talk to much and it’s really freaking me out, 

Since after the Bart station we went to the airport and we were waiting and I don’t feel tired at all because I’m very excited about LA I mean coming to LA again it’s really relieve and the perfect day in my life you like there’s no stress and you don’t have to think of something what’s gonna happen, and after in the airport we’re in the plane everybody is traveling on there own and kids friends, and after on the plane we were waiting my moms best friend and while we were waiting for them there they are,

I hug them and don’t give me wrong I really miss them and even I miss The Place of los Angela’s while we were driving we went to the universal studios and I’ve never seen anything like it, it was freaking awesome I saw the place of back to the future and I saw scooby doo everything I saw great I love it, well…. I don’t know what I’m going to say here but… I’m really tired and my eyes is killing me, and we went to Beverly Hills today and it was freaking awesome 🙂

I’m obsessed of books, 

Hi people it’s me leane, I’m sorry I wasn’t updated for awhile because I’ve been working for nine days and everything… I was like so tired at work, I feel like I’m losing my mind because the other caregiver is away for awhile she just took a vacation on La and I decided to cover for her, and that’s why I’m not updated for awhile, 

Well… here I am and I’m obsessed of books and I feel like I just wanna die for them and tell the whole world that hello people in California I love reading books and I can’t not wait to finish the book I was reading called… before I fall, and i ask sir rob to buy me a book on amazon for my birthday well… my birthday is next month and I can’t not wait, I will be 22 this year and I miss for being a teen, 

I will tell everything about my mom that I bought a book called the fault in our stars and she doesn’t know about this… but I will tell her, I mean she deserves to know, 
And that’s it for now I don’t have anything to say right now but… I will post some more soon,