Can’t wait to have this book,

Hi it’s me Leane I found this book on instagram, I think this book is great and everything, I just wanna say that… I can’t not wait to have this book, I ask someone to do me a favor to buy this book and everything for the first time, and I’m not some big spender and everything I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s because i wanna have that book and everything, I just wanna read it but I didn’t mean me to cost all of my money with some piece of book it only cost me like 8 dollars and everything and the book I was buying on amazon that my friend of mine help out, that book was in use and everything that’s why it cost me 8 dollars well… here’s a story ok… here it goes, I was just making my own account on amazon and everything on my iPod, well… it did work actually, and some other point I didn’t buy some products yet in amazon it’s because I’m not so sure about this amazon thingy, and I just wanna make sure it was and everything, 

Well… my mom didn’t know about this and everything because I don’t want her to know about this, well… she’s gonna find out in some point well… I was just waiting for the right time to tell her and everything, I only wish she won’t mad about this because I only need one more book that I saw in instagram and everything, ok, ok, ok, well… I was saying since I’m using my new account on amazon I was afraid I might do stupid things in my first account in amazon like buying some new products and everything, 

Well… it’s time for me to ask someone for help, since I was at work back then since Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday well… I already ask someone for help and everything and there it is he help me out and everything well… before he help me out I wrote him a letter, just only a friendly letter that I wrote for him, ahahahah and he said yes he searched the book and told me that price and ask me do you want the book use or new and I answered use please, well… problem solve and everything, i pay him back for 8 dollars, and the book will be coming here next week and I’m so excited, well… thank you sir rob I couldn’t do it without you: 🙂 

This could take a sec,

Hi it’s me Leane, I’m here doing my blog and everything but… I just wanna let you know I’m a shitty writer, well… that’s me I’m such a shitty writer, I’m still at work and everything and I should be on my day off today, and I don’t know if this caregiver was going to fix something with her life or something, I just really don’t why I still have to work for tomorrow?? And I’m fucking tired right now and my head was like losing it, 

And I hope I will get paid by the end of the month or something, so I can pay for my phone and gym, well… gym is for 50 dollars and the cellphone is 150 dollars well… good thing I get a chance to help my paying the bills and everything, so sorry for not updating in my blog I was like really busy and everything, 

I have to say something my moms 101 followed me in instagram and I don’t know why?? Maybe there trying to observe me or something because I don’t want people to be stucking me on social media I mean that is so rude if someone stuck me like that my friends and family can stuck me and everything, 

Well… that’s it for now and today it’s raining season and tomorrow is gonna be my last day and I’m so fucking excited, I mean this is it, the moment of truth, I wanna enjoy my day off as soon as possible and everything,  I mean I wanna read my book and do my work out, and go to the Starbucks and have some coffee, well… that’s how life works right? Ok then, bye see you guys real soon I promise I will tell you guys everything, 

I’ve been here for 7 months now, 

Hi guys its me Leane I’ve been here for 7 months and everything, things nothing change and I still don’t have friends in America but it’s ok people doesn’t even care anyway, I’m just making myself to available, 

Well… I like here and I have work and my boss pretty much like me and everything I just got nothing to say right now, but… all I know is I’m buying burgers to in and out and everything I hope my mom won’t get mad or anything,

Well… I have to take a walk and see that for myself, 

I’m here in Starbucks in whipple road 

Hi it’s me Leane and I’m here in Starbucks well… My favorite place at all time and I’m just here hangout, tomorrow I will have work and everything, I saw this old women she was Spanish and I can’t understand the word she saying, well all I did treating her some tall coffee, just in case she will have her own morning coffee,

 I’ve never done anything like that all I know Is I was just  trying to be polite, I mean everybody loves coffee and I couldn’t leave my stuff because she was starring at me, 

I hope she will go now and everything because she scares me well not scare me just only a little bit, and I think that’s it 

So yesterday 

Yesterday I was relax and everything I got home safe, I read a book called before I fall and I couldn’t watch Netflix on my moms account because everybody is using it, and I was like laying down on my sofa with the big pillow in it, it was freaking awesome and when I look for my bag and start looking my stuff one thing it came clear I forgot my power bank and everything,

This day could get any worst I spend that power bank for 21 dollars and I just leave it like that, I hate the way when I forget things is too stupid for me to be like that. Like leaving my stuff without noticing it but… it’s ok I got from yesterday and even I had to run 15 mins just to get there and I run as fast as I can but my pants is getting taking off and I had to hold them properly, 

And I’m so sweaty well a little bit sweaty on my underarm but… good thing my underarm wasn’t smell that bad but… I had to put some dove spray all over again just in case it won’t smell bad, and even I almost scared the lady because I’m tired of running and I saw my power and she gave it to me, and I am so weird for talking to that lady that works on the 24 fitness whipple road she was a janitor in there, well… I just wanna say thank you lord for saving my power bank and saving my life just to get it, and good thing nothing happen I mean thank you very much 🙂 

Starbucks girl

Hi guys it’s me Leane and everything how do I say this ?? Ok here it goes I’m here in Starbucks I’m just waiting for the Hawaii to open so I can grab lunch in there and I’m so fucking hungry right now, I just went to the gym, I feel great going on the gym 

So sorry I wasn’t updated for awhile in my blog I’ve been really busy lately like reading a book and helping my mom on the home care and she even bought me chicken my favorite, everybody is in Starbucks buying some coffee or any other stuff, 

I’ll see you later I just nothing to say right now it was really nice posting another new words in my blog today, guys have a good day and everything just take care I love you all 🙂 

Yesterday is Friday 

Hi it’s me Leane yesterday me and my mom when to the movies and everything we watched the movie called before I fall it was a good movie and everything, since the first time I watch that movie I was shock about what happen to them they went to the party and everything they have some couple of drinks, and all the people are so drunk and everything, 

There just high school students and they just celebrating Cupid day and everything after that there were messing around with girl and everybody is keep saying she a bitch and your a loser And your nothing everybody hates you just like that, since they were in the road the car crash and everything, when the girl woke up she thought it was a dream but… until she saw everything it’s happening again over and over like wow,